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[EXCLUSIVE] Transcosmos Online Information Session


transcosmos inc.

[For students who can work starting from April 2021] With 63 bases nationwide and 104 bases in 29 countries, Transcosmos is one of the largest provider of outsourcing services in the world. Despite its state-of-the-art technology, the company strongly believes that it is important to provide human-centric services to cater to the needs of its client companies.
On June 5, the company will launch an exclusive online information session with Doorkel Internship to talk about its human-centric company and how you can build a wonderful career with Transcosmos. Please take note that the event will be delivered entirely in Japanese.
To participate in this event, please fill in the application form by clicking "Go to Application Form" button below. The company will accept application for this event until June 3, 2020.

This recruitment has ended.

Working Conditions

Possible Dispatch Location:

Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Osaka

Welfare & Other benefits


  • Leisure

  • Health (Medical Checkup, vaccination, etc.)

  • Family (rent allowance or subsidy)

  • Money plan (pension, mortgage, etc.)

For more information, please check 「福利厚生」of the page below:

Contract Information

Contract Type: Regular Employee

Salary: Depends on the work location

For more information about salary, please check 「給与・待遇」 of the following page:

Application Requirements

  • The screening will consider preference and aptitute to select the position that suits you the best. There will be no screening based on skill or major.

  • We also actively hire IT engineers with humanities background.

  • Based on the data from previous years, the ratio of sciences to humanities students hired is 3:7. Rest assured that we screen based on the human-ness of each candidate.

Job Description


  • Provides solution for issues encountered by companies and offers our services


  • Promoting the company's global business expansion by supporting overseas business development of client companies through overseas sales, global strategy formulation, business alliances and acquisitions, etc.

Digital Marketing

  • To assist client companies to expand their sales, the team provides unique solutions to achieve this.

Business Process Management

  • Help companies to focus on their core competencies by providing IT and/or HR support


  • Comprehensively support the development of corporate IT infrastructure by providing services in application or infrastructure design, construction to maintenance, etc.

Company Overview

Company Name

transcosmos inc.

With 63 bases nationwide and 104 bases in 29 countries, Transcosmos is one of the largest provider of outsourcing services in the world.


June 18, 1985

Services Offered

Outsourcing Services


Closed recruitment
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