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Shibuya Office

IT Engineering Intern (Taimee)


Taimee Co., Ltd.

Taimee Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing IT venture that operates an app, “Taimee (タイミー), which connects employers and employees on demand. The number of users of Taimee has significantly increased since its inception in August 2018. More than 100,000 users, which are mainly students in Tokyo, have registered to the app. If you are a student who wants to work for a fast-growing IT venture created by university students and to grow as an IT engineer while challenging various issues, please apply.

This recruitment has ended.

Working Conditions

  • Work Location:  Shibuya Office

  • Working Hours:Four times a week, working hours are determined based on the job position and after consultation with the manager

  • Working Period:3 months or more

  • Preferred Starting Date: ASAP

Welfare & Other benefits

Transportation Allowance

Contract Information

  • Contract Type:Part-Time Contract

  • Job Type: IT Engineer

  • Hourly Pay:¥1,000 per hour + transportation

Application Requirements

  • ​Server Side / SRE

    • Business Level Japanese (JLPT N1)

    • Business Level English

  • SRE

    • Basic network knowledge such as TCP / IP and HTTP protocol

    • Those who have technology / documentation skills such as in-house infrastructure (design documents, procedure manuals, creation of rules)

    • Ability to troubleshoot (performance and vulnerabilities) in the system

Job Description

  • Server Side

    • Engage in a wide range of activities from continuous development of existing products to the development of a new feature and product while working with the business team

  • SRE

    • Construction and operation of servers and networks that support “Timee” and other new services

    • Implementation and development for changing to IaC and automation of deployment and server setup

    • Construction of monitoring environment for fault detection

    • Operation, maintenance, proposal, design, introduction of in-house tools and other infrastructure in general

Company Overview

Company Name

Taimee Co., Ltd.

Taimee Co., Ltd., is a fast-growing IT venture that operates an app, “Taimee (タイミー), which connects employers and employees on demand.


August 2017

Services Offered

Planning, developing, and operating internet media and application, marketing, branding, planning and production of various contents


Closed recruitment
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