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Impact HUB Tokyo, Meguro 

Marketing Intern


Kodama GK (franchisee of Le Wagon) 

Le Wagon is the number one coding bootcamp in the world. The company teaches entrepreneurs and creatives how to build full-stack web applications in 9 weeks full-time or 24 weeks part-time. Le Wagon in Tokyo was launched in 2016, and has welcomed more than 200 students since then. Their students start with little to no technical background, and find jobs in Tokyo as web engineers, product managers, or designers thereafter. Some also become freelancers, or start their own company after the program.

This recruitment has ended.

Working Conditions

  • Work Location: Impact HUB Tokyo, Meguro

  • Working Hours: 3 times per week, 5 hours a day (flexible depending on availability)

  • Working Period: 3 months (flexible depending on availability)

  • Preferred Starting Date: ASAP

Welfare & Other benefits

Transportation allowance

Contract Information

  • ​Contract Type: Freelance part-time     

  • Job Type: Marketing Assistant    

  • Hourly Pay: 1,200¥ + Transportation

Application Requirements

  • ​Fluent in English and preferably in Japanese as well

  • Interested in programming and in Le Wagon’s mission

  • Autonomous and self-starter

  • Experience in writing blog, filming videos or shooting pictures is a strong plus

  • Inbound marketing experience is a strong plus

Job Description

  • As a marketing assistant, your objective is to increase overall awareness about Le Wagon coding bootcamp. Your performance (KPI) will be assessed based on the increase in traffic to our website and increase in leads / applications  

  • You will be in charge of creating content (blog articles, videos) for the promotion of Le Wagon in Japan.

  • You will also support the team in announcing and organizing weekly events/workshops, as well as in running any initiative that can contribute to the fulfillment of your objective on your own (finding new event partners, promoting Le Wagon through online and/or offline media) 

Company Overview

Company Name

Kodama GK (franchisee of Le Wagon) 

Le Wagon is the number one coding bootcamp in the world.



Services Offered

Coding Bootcamp


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