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Sankeien, Yokohama

One-Day Travel Intern


Voyagin Co., Ltd.

Voyagin Co., Ltd., a company that operates a travel activities and services booking platform for foreign tourists, is looking for one-day interns who can travel to Sankeien, Yokohama to experience kimono dressing and write a review. Please apply if you’re interested in a one-day internship that allows you to experience Japanese culture for free and share your experiences abroad.

This recruitment has ended.

Working Conditions

  • Date & Time

    • Dates: 

      • 10/29 (Tue)

      • 10/31 (Thus)

      • 11/1 (Fri)

    • Time: 

      1. 9:00 (gather at 8:55) 

      2. 10:10 (gather at 10:05) 

      3. 13:30 (gather at 13:25)

  • Schedule & Duration 

Meet at the main entrance of Sankeien Garden, Yokohama. A Voyagin staff will be waiting for you there. Make sure you arrive 5 minutes prior to the starting time.The duration of this experience will be an estimate 155 min.

  • 9:00 / 10:05 / 13:30

Move to Kakushokaku, Chanoma tou, where dressing and hair will be set

  • 9:30 / 10:35 / 14:00  

Photoshoot at Chanoma tou and the garden

  • 9:45 / 10:50 / 14:15

Stroll around the garden and take photos from hotspots recommended by your guide 

  • 11:00 / 12:05 / 15:30 

Return to the changing room and return your Kimono

  • 11:15 / 12:10 / 15:45 

Answer the survey 

  • 11:35 / 12:40 / 16:05 

Activity ends. Please turn in your survey to Voyagin staff and receive your transportation fee (¥1,720-) by showing your ID.  

  • Place

    • Sankeien Garden, Yokohama (

    • From the Yokohama station (JR Keihin-Tohoku Line), take a bus from platform No.2.

    • Then, take the municipal bus Route No.8 or 148 to Sankeien-iriguchi. The bus will take about 35 min (check the map below). Walk to the Garden (approximately 5 min).

Welfare & Other benefits

Free kimono dressing experience plan, transportation allowance (1,720 yen)

Contract Information

  • ​Job Type: Experience Monitoring Intern

  • Compensation: 1,720 yen for transportation fee

Application Requirements

  • ​Students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at universities in Kanto region

  • Students who like to travel and experience other cultures

  • Students who are interested in sharing their experience in traveling to Japan

  • Business level English

Job Description

  • What to bring (※IMPORTANT)

    • Bring your camisole, v-neck t-shirts and short pants. 

    • You’ll use them as innerwear for your Kimono, so please prepare thinner shirts. 

    • You can also bring comfortable slippers or sandals in case you are prone to foot sores or blisters. Please carry a small bag to bring your sandals.

Company Overview

Company Name

Voyagin Co., Ltd.

Voyagin Co., Ltd. is a travel activities and services booking platform for foreign tourists


January 2011

Services Offered

Travel activities and services booking platform for foreign tourists, inbound marketing consulting, customer support


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