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Content Creating and Marketing internship for AI Apps


Babel Co., Ltd.

Babel is a company that is currently developing and operating an AI-related product that has global users. The company’s goal is to maximize user engagement by delivering heart-warming contents to its stakeholders. Babel is looking for an intern who can support content creating and overseas marketing of our AI products. If you’re looking to gain experience in global business and overseas marketing, please apply for this position.



○ Work Location: Harajuku Office

○ Working Hours: 3 or more days per week, at least 4 hours per day

○ Working Period: at least 2 months

○ Preferred Starting Date: As soon as possible


  • A PC will be lent to interns

  • Transportation expenses


  • Contract Type: Part-Time

  • Job Type: Marketing

  • Hourly Pay: 1,100 yen + transportation expenses


○ Native level English

○ College level English essay writing

○ Excel or Google Spreadsheet skill

Preferred Qualifications

○ Experience studying in the US

○ Frequently hang out with English speakers

○ Frequently watch Movies, TV Series, Netflix Original Series and HBO Shows

○ Experience in data analysis

○ Experience in ad management

○ Experience in video editing

○ Frequently posts or uploads in the following social media platforms:

■ YouTube

■ Facebook

■ Instagram

■ Tiktok


○ Interns are expected to support developing our AI products,

face-swap app called “iface” and AI chat friend called “m8,” to assist in content creating, data analysis, oversea


○ iface:



Babel Co., Ltd.

Babel Co., Ltd., develops and operates AI-related products with the vision of creating and delivering the best contents that touch people’s hearts


August 2017


Overseas expansion support business, advertising planning business, video production business


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